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Awakening Mothers is an on-going 7-week offering of vibrant community circles for expectant mothers. These circles provide a way for pregnant women to enjoy the space, time and focus to truly embrace the journey of the childbearing year in a mindful and meaningful way.


This offering is authentic and heart-based with an approach informed by Melanie's trainings with Birthing From Within™ and The Hendricks Institute plus her graduate work in Indigenous Science. It also includes the wealth of our local communities by including mentoring from Wise Women whose work supports the childbearing year.


The larger vision and intention of these circles is to affect a cultural paradigm shift where the childbearing year is seen and held to be one of the most transformative experiences in a woman's life, to fully support women as peacemakers and healers of culture and create stronger families, vibrant communities and a healthier planet.

Weekly Schedule

Yum Yum Yoga 2pm
Zumba 5:45pm
2nd & 4th Signing Yoga 7pm

Latin Elements Dance Class 7:30
PIYO workout 5:45am

and 6:30pm
Advanced Belly Dance 6:30pm 

Zumba Gold 11:00am
2nd & 4th Freedom Dance 7:30pm
1st & 3rd Women's Dance Ritual

Surfset 5:45am
Zumba 5:45pm

Zumba 7:30am

Zumba 9am
2nd & 4th Voice 7pm